A new path forward for exit signage

About CleverEVAC

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CleverEVAC is a tool for Fire Safety Engineers to consider for use in fire engineered / performance solutions and also in designs where an increased visibility EXIT sign is preferred.

  • Increased visibility of EXIT signs
  • Locatable sound technology
  • Negative enforcement options
  • Zoneworks® XT automatic testing

Our Solutions

CleverEVAC Products

CleverEVAC is a unique offering by Clevertronics, providing new products relating to evacuation.


An extensive library of research and trial data is available relating to CleverEVAC technology for both audible technology of Sound Escape™ and visual enhancements of Dynamic Signage.

Technical & Literature

View CleverEVAC application guides, data sheets and videos. Case Studies of past and future projects.

A new concept in emergency signage, which I call the ‘Active Dynamic Signage System (ADSS)’, extends the idea of smart buildings to emergency wayfinding, with a new generation of advanced emergency exit signs. Read more

Prof Ed Galea BSc, Dip.Ed, PhD, CMath, FIMA, CEng, FIFireE CAA. Professor of Mathematical Modelling Director Fire Safety Engineering Group. University of Greenwich.

CleverEVAC Products


CleverEVAC Dynamic Green sign will activate sequencing LEDS to increase sign visibility during evacuations.


CleverEVAC Dynamic RED X sign can display a red cross, alerting those evacuating to seek an alternative exit.


Combining audible locatable sounds including announcements such as ‘Exit Here’, with the increased visibility of dynamic exit signage, can improve the evacuation outcome.


A global innovator in Exit and Emergency lighting, as well as being the market leader in Australia and New Zealand.

CleverEVAC... A new path forward for exit signage.