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Etihad Stadium

Project Description

Etihad Stadium is a 52,000 seat multi-purpose facility designed to cater for major sporting and entertainment events. Since opening on March 9, 2000, well over 32 million people have passed through the venue’s turnstiles.
In 2012, Honeywell was tasked with reviewing the Emergency and Exit Lighting within the stadium. With the existing system reaching the end of its serviceable life the maintenance costs which were already high had reached a level which was not sustainable at $1,083,000 in costs over a 7 year period

Project Starting Date 2012



Following the consideration of various options, Honeywell was introduced to the Clevertronics L10 Nanophosphate® Lithium powered lighting range which had just been launch after 12 months of extensive testing. Honeywell Victoria TAM Operations Manager, Matthew Parisi who was managing the project said “The L10 Lithium range is the way of the future. I believe the move away from NiCd batteries will be quite swift as building owners and facility managers become aware of the numerous advantages that L10 product offers. The added advantage of low environmental impact and also less waste through longer replacement intervals also makes it a far more sustainable technology compared to existing practice. In September 2012, the installation of 2,756 Clevertonics L10 Nanophosphate® exit and emergency lighting fittings and a Zoneworks computer monitoring system began and was commisioned in early 2013. Honeywell estimated that switching from traditional Ni-Cd fittings to the Clevertronics L10 Nanophosphate® fittings would see its total energy and maintenance costs for emergency lighting reduced from $1,083,830 to $178,867 over a seven-year period, representing a saving of 83.5% which was beyond expectations before the project began.

Work Scope

  • Contractor: Honeywell
  • Fitting Type: L10 Optimum Lithium
  • No. Of Fittings: 2756
  • Installation: 2012
  • Monitoring System: Zoneworks

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