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Project Description


Legacy Way is a 4.6km road tunnel connecting the Western Freeway at Toowong with the Inner City Bypass (ICB) in the suburb of Kelvin Grove in Brisbane, Australia that was opened to traffic in June 2015
The twin two-lane tunnels include 37 underground cross passages, which connect Legacy Way’s two tunnels every 120m to provide safe access between the tunnels in the event of an incident.
Clevertronics as specialists in Emergency and Evacuation systems were contacted to discuss their product options that could be engineered into the overall solution.



Strobing Exits and Directional / Locatable sound dramatically reduce the time for motorists to locate and move to a Cross Passage exit and Clevertronics were selected as the partner suitable product to assist in the evacuation system and Clevertronics were selected to provide these products.
Recessed strobe fittings were installed onto the architectural panels either side of the cross passage doors at a height of 1.5m above the roadway. Strobes are activated via a switched active input from the Tunnel’s Control System and do not include battery backup.

Multi-function Cross Passage Exits, Down Lights, Strobe and Directional/Locatable Sounder units were installed above the Cross Passage doors. The cross passage exit signs operate permanently and include emergency battery backup. The downlight and strobes are activated under normal conditions by a switched active input from the Tunnel’s Control System but also include emergency battery backup in the event of power loss. The Directional / Locatable Sounders are operated via a second switched active input from the Tunnel’s Control System but do not include battery backup.  incorporate A sound referred to as “Dinner Bells” that is intuitively understood without additional explanation and includes the annunciation “EXIT Here” is incorporated into the Directional / Locatable Sounders.

Work Scope

  • Contracto: MECA
  • Fitting Type: L10 Optimum and Premium NiCd
  • No. of Fitting: 370
  • Installation: 2014
  • Monitoring System: Manual

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