CleverEVAC Sound Escape™ Exit Sign

CleverEVAC Dynamic Green EXIT sign, with Volt Free (VF) & 24V Interface for ON/OFF Activation of Dynamic Green Enhancement and Directional/Locatable Sounder (Sound Escape™). 

Sound Escape™ by Clevertronics…… combining light and locatable sound for life safety.

Studies show even light smoke can reduce emergency Exit visibility to just 4m! Combine this with the fact exit signs are usually installed at heights right in the smoke layer and its unlikely you’ll be able to see the exit until you are right underneath it. That’s not even taking into account the effect smoke has on your eyes.

The Sound Escape™ system incorporates directional, locatable sound into exit signs which help direct evacuees to the closest exit. In smoke conditions escape times can be reduced by as much as 60%.

Combining Sound Escape with the increased visibility of dynamic exit signage, can improve the evacuation outcome, especially in conditions of reduced visibility. The Sound Escape™ option fits perfectly into dynamic exit sign products.



Directional Options




Dynamic Green Exit Sign: Running Man Left with SoundEscape™


Dynamic Green Exit Sign: Running Man Right with SoundEscape™


Dynamic Green Exit Sign: Running Man Right, Zoneworks XT Hive and SoundEscape™


Dynamic Green Exit Sign: Running Man Left, Zoneworks XT Hive and SoundEscape™

To ensure Fire Safety Engineers can select their directional preference a variety of options have been established.

RU – Running Man Up

RD – Running Man Down

RL – Running Man Left

RR – Running Man Right


  • Australia’s No1 selling Emergency Lighting range
  • Over 50% maintenance savings vs NiCd


  • Lowest total ownership cost
  • 50% longer battery life vs. any other lithium product
  • 60% maintenance savings vs any other lithium product

Clevertronics Zoneworks can be included with CleverEVAC products, which provides automatic discharge testing and reporting of the CleverEVAC Dynamic signs when part of an Clevertronics Zoneworks System.

Fire alarms and EWIS systems are very good at alerting occupants when to get out of a building, but not how- that is what emergency exit signs are for. But exits may be obscured from view for a variety of reasons including visual clutter, chemical fumes and of course smoke in the event of a fire. Visual direction alone is not enough to ensure an adequate evacuation time. Sound Escape™ delivers an engineered solution for evacuation from buildings using visual and sound cues.

Existing emergency escape lighting standards in Australia do not deal with the effects of smoke and the evacuation process. The effectiveness of exit and emergency escape lighting is severely reduced even in relatively low smoke densities and exit signs are installed typically at heights of 2.1 to 2.7m above the floor – right in the smoke layer!

By incorporating locatable sound into the exit luminaire it can be heard as well as seen. The sound is localised and directional allowing an individual to quickly and accurately determine the origin of the sound, therefore defining the evacuation path and the final point of exit. Locatable sound decreases evacuaton times in both non smoke and smoke conditions through decreasing an evacuees decision making time, increased confidence in movement towards an exit and better utilisation of available exits.

Only certain types of sounds are inherently localisable and what is crucial is that they contain a large spectrum of frequencies that is broadband noise. Pure tones, simple tone combinations or narrowband noise cannot be localised. The key to directional or localised noise is the broadband sound delivered by Sound Escape™

CleverEVAC... A new path forward for exit signage.