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The Emergency Lighting Functions,including the Dynamic RED X and Dynamic Green signs in activated mode, are tested by the Zoneworks System. This is a power-fail-simulation test for the 90min or 120min duration. The fire system input triggers and subsequent activation of the Dynamic Green and Dynamic RED X signs must be tested, and visually inspected for correct operation, in accordance with the maintenance schedule (this may be part of a Fire Engineered Solution). Each input trigger, from the fire system, should be operated and the resulting actions inspected to confirm correct operation in accordance with the maintenance schedule

Zoneworks XT CleverEVAC Interface Schematic


Activation of the Volt Free (VF) outputs of the Fire Relay Interface is triggered by the Fire System (e.g. detector alarm). Dynamic RED X signs will receive a direct VF input from the fire system. Dynamic Green signs can be triggered either by a volt free input to the ZW system via the ZXTELC units (as shown) or receive a direct VF input from the Fire System (also shown). Consideration should be given to the critical nature of the Dynamic Green (with/without SoundEscape) activation to determine if the hard-wired connection is a necessary redundancy, in addition to the ZW System activation (hence the dotted lines). The required actions are determined by the Building’s Fire System matrix. The methodology depicted below has the Fire Relay Interface and ZXTELC in the same fire zone. This allows for zonal activation of signs without reliance on network infrastructure spanning multiple fire zones. The Fire Relay Interface is shown either connected directly to Dynamic Signs within the same fire zone and to the ZXTEC also in the same fire zone. Further consideration should be given to a UPS backup for the ZXTELC to maintain functions in the event of a supply failure.

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